… Relationships …Dear Aries, during the first part of the month, events will seem unremarkable at first glance. However, this does not mean that nothing is happening. Take some time to think about what you are feeling confused and even misled about. What fears do you feel, especially related to love and relationships? The second part of the month will be much more active on the topic, but still do not rush to make final decisions. Think before you speak. You will have the realization, and the deceptions are about to end. Be careful not to fall into intrigues because of your own haste. 

… Habits …Dear Taurus, during the first part of the month you will be busy with your social life. Your friends will be an important part of your everyday life. To make the most of the upcoming events, listen carefully to what the people around you are telling you. Even if you disagree, there are definitely issues and it is better to pay attention to them instead of ignoring them. The second part of the month will be visibly calmer, but this is only on the surface. Your habits and lifestyle are accumulating consequences that you will soon encounter. Put your health and self-care first, especially if there are objective reasons for this. 

… Projects …Dear Gemini, this month the main topic will be your professional realization and the difficulties you have at the moment. You will observe how some things are easy to get, while others are difficult. All this is not accidental. At the end of the month, you will have the opportunity to pay more attention to your personal projects, children and the creativity in you. Think of this process as guiding you to the right sphere for you, but do not rush to make final decisions. Events will show the right path at the moment, and you will understand the meaning of all this in the following months. 

… Foundation …Dear Cancers, this month you will be considering your long-term goals for the future. What and how do you want to achieve in your life and who can help you? Education is also an important topic for you and can open many doors for you in the future. Despite this focus, do not rush to make decisions, but explore different options for your goals. At the end of the month, you will return to the basics in your life – family, home, emotional stability. Serve the goals that support your most important needs, and wait for your other plans.  

… Relatives …Dear Leos, be careful with your spending this month, and even more so with your investments. These things are not clear enough for you, so do not risk your money. Pay attention if you have debts, especially those that can be problematic. Avoid potential future financial problems and do not risk creating new ones. At the end of the month, you will mainly focus on your siblings, relatives and acquaintances. Events around them will affect you, but still be careful and do not rush to make decisions. You are just beginning to realize the importance of events, so watch carefully. 

… Resources …Dear Virgos, For most of the month, the topic of partnership will be the leading one. Even if there are no particularly noticeable events, if you observe carefully, you will see that the processes are extremely important. Do not rush to make decisions, because there are still changes ahead that will affect your judgment and the desired result. Be especially careful with your resources – material and energy, because they are not endless. Set your priorities so that you can be effective. Otherwise, you risk scattering yourself, and the results will not be as successful. 

… Dear Libras, In the first part of the month, your attention will be focused on the topics of everyday life, habits and your health. See if and how effectively you allocate your time and the impact on your overall condition. If you experience any symptoms, do not ignore them. This is especially true in the second half of the month,when events are expected to have a long-term impact on you. However, do not rush to react or make decisions, unless it is really necessary. 

… Secrets …Dear Scorpios, It is time to get more serious and reduce the fun at the expense of your responsibilities. If you have a business or personal creative project, it is a good idea to start investing effort in its development. Although you will not see the results immediately, do not give up, but invest in your development.In the second half of the month, the events will be related to secrets that will come to light and will cause a strong reaction in your loved ones. Pay attention to your priorities and habits and change whatever is necessary. Still, do not be extreme, because decisions at the moment can lead to unfavorable consequences. 

… Friends …Dear Sagittarius, in March, pay attention to your home and family. It will be filled with events, some of which started last spring. The second part of the month will engage you more with your social life and friends. Key meetings and acquaintances are coming up, even if you don’t understand their meaning right now. Avoid making important decisions, but rather observe and get to know. It is a good time to deepen your hobby interests and meet people who share them. It’s time to see the reflection of entertainment in your life and the contacts it leads to. 

… Career …Dear Capricorns, for most of the month, you will focus your attention on your acquaintances and daily contacts. Communication will be much more active, so use the moment if you have goals related to communication or development in the digital space. It is important to put effort into this, but do not be extreme and keep new projects just as an idea that will be tested and checked in the following months. However, the most important events will be related to your career. Avoid making extreme decisions.  

… Plans …Dear Aquarians, March will be dynamic for you. The tension in your personal relationships will subside by the middle of the month, and your focus will shift to your resources. Avoid making large purchases, because the risk of regret is high. Wait this month to see any defects that you might miss now. Stick to the necessities, not the pleasures. A change in your long-term plans is coming up. Do not rush to make it, but observe and analyze what and why it is needed. These events will be the result of your actions and goals so far, so there is nothing accidental. 

… Expenses …Dear Pisces, March will be a particularly dynamic month for you. You are facing a variety of events that will affect almost all areas of your life. The tension will be high, so try to take care of yourself and your peace of mind. You will increasingly feel the need to act towards your desires and goals. Do not be extreme in the execution, but wait for the verification and possible difficulties that you may have next month. Be careful with your expenses, especially those you have already made. If you have been acting lightly in the past year, you will now see the results of this.