Horoscope November 2021
words by Maya Pavlova

.. external resources .. Dear Aries, at the beginning of the month your attention will be focused on the theme of the unconscious, sharing and money. Unforeseen events await you to which you will have to react quickly. Think about what happened around October 10th and find the link between the events, the solution is there somewhere! At the end of the month it will become clear what is hidden from you.

        … amore e contratti .. Cari Tori, il vostro focus questo mese è sulle relazioni. Potreste chiedere al vostro partner un cambiamento inaspettato probabilmente legato alla vostra carriera. Non aspettate che la persona accanto a voi capisca e sia d’accordo immediatamente! Questo potrebbe accadere dopo la metà del mese. Aspettate anche la metà del mese per firmare i contratti! Entro la fine del mese i rapporti con i partner intimi e commerciali saranno armoniosi.

… Partnerships … Dear Gemini, your focus in December is on relationships. Me and you, me and someone else, whether related to love or business. Important acquaintances with potential long-term partners await you. You will not need to stay continuous to notice them, it will happen very quickly and naturally. Expect development after the middle of the month. And in the last week, be careful with the strong emotions in love and count to 10 or 100 before making a decision.

… Drama and pleasure .. Dear Cancers, it’s time to get creative. Think about that thing you’ve always wanted to do but have never done before. What does your inner child want? Allow yourself to be free and make yourself happy. Attention in love in the first half of the month, not all is clear yet and you are prone to being dramatic. At the end of the month you will have more intense love experiences. Expect important events and changes in your circle of friends.

… Creativity in action… Dear Lions, prepare your boldest ideas for realization and start creating. Write down everything that comes to your mind and use the strong energy during the month for action. It is appropriate to spend more time with your children and listen to what they will tell you. You will need to rethink your priorities and what is important to you in the workplace and your routine. Notice what happens, but don’t rush into decisions. Dear Lions, this month will draw your attention to home and family. You may want to change something related to your home or real estate but you may not find support from your partner. It is possible that you need to have the inherited property and your partner will intervene again. Expect important events that affect your social life and your status! If you have the opportunity, wait until the end of the month before making decisions and ask your children for advice! Their ideas may pleasantly surprise you.

…. unexpected journeys… Dear Virgins, now is the time for you to organize holidays. You will have to travel anyway and it may not be expected. You can meet or talk to your siblings or cousins. Expect events related to your neighbors. The period is suitable for enrolling in a course. And even better if it is linked to higher knowledge and philosophy and why not to the development of intuition.

… Trade flair… Dear Libras, this month your trading skills are high and you have a strong impulse to achieve results in this area. Be careful not to overdo the manipulation and deceive someone, because by the end of the month the truth will come out. The time is right to start a new course and reunite with acquaintances you haven’t seen in a long time. At the end of the month, you will have a deep rethinking of your values related to your family and your roots. Dear Libra, after the month in which you have been the center of attention, it is time to focus on your resources and assets. In addition to the material part that you will definitely have to pay attention to, it is good that you think about your values and if it is not the right time to make a change in the things you care about. Perhaps something important to you has already lost its value? After the middle of the month it is a good time for you to consider taking a course to develop your talent.

… personal transformation… Dear Scorpios, in your month, the focus of course is you. You are the sign of transformation and exactly this November you will have to demonstrate this quality of yours. Whether you will change your appearance with something more unusual (such as color different from black), the way you see life or your behavior, the choice is yours. Don’t worry, you won’t have to initiate a change. You will have unexpected events connected to partnership that will require you to react in a way that is unusual for you. … Talents and opportunities … Dear Scorpios, this month your focus is on your skills and desire to have goods and resources to build your stable foundation or new home. Be careful with your hypersensitivity and how you use it to other people. Count to 10 before you act because you tend to be impulsive, which can lead to mistakes. At the end of the month, you may have new opportunities to increase your well-being. You are the sign of transformation and this November you will have to demonstrate this quality of yours. If you change your appearance to something more unusual (like a color other than black), the way you view life or your behavior, the choice is yours. Don’t worry, you don’t have to initiate the change yourself. You will have unexpected events related to the partnership that will require you to react in an unusual way.

… New me… Dear Sagittarius, during your month many changes, rethinking and rearranging of values and priorities await you. You have a desire for knowledge that will enrich and develop you. Despite the many key events related to the question “who am I?”, Do not rush to make decisions. After the middle of the month, a business or spouse will offer you an opportunity that might affect your business. Dear Sagittarians, this month your inner world will be so active that it will be difficult to distinguish between dream and reality. This is no time for decisions, just for internal changes. You may not even realize that the change is happening in the first half of the month. It is best that you take some time to relax, meditate or take a vacation away from the busy everyday life. At the end of the month, you will find out about your friends and the events of mid-October.

… social life and friends .. dear Capricorns, for you the social life intensifies with every day in November at least until the end of the month when everyday life calms down. You should plan to meet up with friends as well as attend all kinds of social events, especially those related to charitable causes. However, beware of intrigues in your circle of friends and wait until the end of the month before drawing any conclusions about what happened.

.. career and public image … Dear Aquarians, in the first half of the month you are thrilled to find the answer to the question “Who am I in society?” What can you change in this image? Decide what to change. This will certainly happen even without your initiative. But something suggests to me that you will be the initiator of the transformation of your public image. At the end of the month, your friends too can influence you and interfere more in your daily life with interesting facts about recent events.

… Public appearances… Dear Pisces, in December expect more social events and especially those related to your public image and career. Be careful at the beginning of the month and do not insist on career changes. You may have a strong desire for this, but the end of the month is a much better time for it, because until then many events might change your mind. Pay attention to your circle of friends, old friends may appear that you have not seen for a long time. However, I don’t advise you to go too far, unforeseen factors can change your plans. It is a good time to learn something new and connect with your unconscious. This month will be generous for you to access “your secret information”. Don’t want to go back to university and study just for fun? Maybe you want to change your career? Now is a good time to start preparing for it with the right knowledge and skills.