Horoscope April 2023

… Caution … Dear Aries, at the beginning of the month, focus on partner relationships and think about what works and what doesn’t. You are likely to cause conflicts, so be careful not to over-demand and to be unfair to the person next to you. Tension in your home can escalate, so be prepared and make strategy how not to make things worse. It’s good to focus on communication, sales and spending time with your siblings. These activities will be enjoyable and useful for you.

 … Awareness … Dear Taurus, the month of April will challenge you and bring out your fears. At the first half of the month, your energy will be more, and despite the difficulties that have arisen, you will not notice a tangible change. The topic of secrets is still relevant, but unlike last month, the information will no longer be so reliable. Your imagination can lead you to the wrong direction or you can be misled by a person you trust. At the end of the month, you have a chance to realize the obstacles to your development and remove them.

 … Delusions … Dear Gemini, it’s time to pay attention to your social circle, friends and professional contacts. In addition to the fact that the month will be more saturated with events in these spheres, it is important to think about where the boundaries, truths and lies are and not to accept proposals that sound too good. Financial matters will become urgent to resolve. However, be careful and don’t make hasty decisions. It will be necessary to take measures, but let them not be thoughtless. After the middle of the month, be much more careful about the money, because the chances of making mistakes increase.

 … Profession … Dear Cancers, this month the focus will be on you, your home and work and how to find balance. You could have difficulties in your work or to realize that what you started is not what you expected. Find courage and clarify the situation instead of keeping the tension inside. You’ll be more conflicted than usual this month, so it’s really important to focus your attention on the real problem area. It is appropriate to exercise more to use the energy in a healthy way. New ventures in the profession are not suitable to start this month.

 … Courses … Dear Leos, in April the most important thing will be to learn to recognize what is true and lie. The flow of information will be very large and the truth unclear. The topic of education will also be relevant, but teachers will not always be what they appear to be. Be careful in new ventures, and avoid them if possible. Delusions in your personal and professional life are also a hot topic. Do not accept new professional offers at the end of the month. Before that, the opportunities will be more favorable.

… Money … Dear Virgo, the time has come to pay serious attention to your finances and the exchange between your and other people’s resources. Be very careful when investing, no matter in what. At the beginning of the month, you will see the results of your actions so far, so analyze the situation well before taking further steps. It is a good idea to make a financial plan and describe in detail where your funds come from and where they go. The same goes for your energy – it’s also a resource, so don’t waste it in places where it doesn’t make sense.

 … Relationships … Dear Libra, your relationships are in focus this month again, and right at the beginning you are about to see what your actions have led to so far. Your partner and your job will make you uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean others are right. Stand up for yourself and don’t make compromises that you know will hurt you. Be diplomatic and try to clarify situations to reach a good solution for everyone, especially you. The month until April 20 is suitable for investment of time and resources, but after this date do not make decisions or take action.

…Clarity … Dear Scorpios, the month will be dynamic for you – mentally and physically. The accumulated tension will give its results at the beginning of the month. Secrets, habits and lifestyle will be major topics that will remind you of themselves regularly. Take advantage of the clarity before the confusion sets in after the second week. Your professional opportunities may be tempting, but they are nowhere near as good as they were in March, so don’t give in. Be careful not to be misled and deceived by your desire for great achievements.

… Energy … Dear Sagittarius, the opportunities of the previous month continue, but be careful not to overestimate yourself and your abilities. You have laid a good foundation, but do not be greedy for more. Follow the original plan and only change it if necessary. If you have prepared well, you will receive support from your friends and like-minded people in your personal projects. Not suitable for new ventures. The relationships topic will be active this month again, but with a different focus than before. Time to adjust and clarify, as well as for the partner to be the leader and initiative.

 … Work …. Dear Capricorns, your professional activity will be in focus, but be careful and do not start new ventures. As long as you stay on track and don’t make unprovoked changes, you should be fine. Do not overestimate yourself and do not demand higher results than actually achievable. It is also good to plan some of your time with your partner at home. This will be necessary anyway. It would be to your advantage to take the initiative and save yourself resentment by showing that not only work is important.

… Management … Dear Aquarians, you’ve now figured out what you’re doing wrong in managing your finances, so it’s time to take action. The results won’t be achieved immediately, but just because the road is long doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it. Start from the beginning and think about what is really important to you and is a priority, and then build everything around it. It’s a good time to educate yourself on the topic, whether with a specialized course, podcast, book, or consultation. It is important to act because the results of inaction will be visible and adverse.

… Money… Dear Pisces, income, expenses, exchange of energy and resources will be active themes again this month. Unlike March, however, the time for planning and brilliant ideas has passed. Stick to what you have done and planned so far and don’t take unnecessary financial risks. At the beginning of the month, you will know if you are messing up somewhere and it is good to optimize your ideas. You will be good at negotiating, but don’t be greedy to get better results. Avoid making deals at end of month. On a personal level, the first changes and problems have already occurred, so it’s time to act on your new goal.